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Community Giving

Family focused diabetes education

Technology is the easy part. What's much harder is making diabetes management tools personal, easy to use, helpful and effective so that people can live a more normal life. Diabetech has already proven various ways to simplify diabetes management through technology. Our Founder & CEO Kevin McMahon also co-authored "Sugar Surfing: How to manage type 1 diabetes in a modern world" in order to help people realize that there is an entirely new set of rules for managing T1D with continuous glucose monitoring (CGM). All proceeds from the sale of the book go directly to fund diabetes education programs.


However, devices, 'The Cloud', and books aren't enough by themselves. So, we've partnered with various organizations to expand access to proven services such as coaching, camps and workshops. If you know of a worthy charitable organization that we should be working with please let us know down below.


Events Calendar coming soon...

The immersive effect of diabetes camping can be a transformative experience for people with type 1 diabetes. Diabetes Youth Families is a highly regarded and well known charitable organization who run various diabetes youth & family camps throughout the Bay Area. They need our help to ensure that kids and families have access to this much needed therapy in the future. For more information about Diabetes Youth Families (DYF) and their programs please head on over to their site at

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