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Cloud Services System Demo

Our diatrends coaching platform launched in 2017 is online and available for inspection. 

Terms of Use​

By sharing your data with the diatrends online simulator and analyzer you are agreeing to let Diabetech, LP and its affiliates rights to use, manipulate and share your data. If you do not agree to this arrangement you should not upload your data to the diatrends system.

Privacy Policy

The diatrends system allows you to upload your data and assign an alias name of your choice to your data. Your contact information is not retained in our system so there is no way for anyone to know whose data this is after publishing it online. Do not use your real name or a valid email address or an alias that you use for social media, for example, if you do not want others to know that this data came from your medical device(s).

We will not disclose to anyone that you have used or uploaded data to the diatrends system. Once you upload your data, we have no way of knowing who it belongs to. Therefore, there is no way for us to delete this data.

You are welcome to share your data with anyone you would like. You can do this by simply sharing the alias that you typed into the system at the time that you uploaded your data.

These terms of use and our privacy policy will change from time to time so please read this before you upload data so that you understand how your data will be used.


By clicking on the image below, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions. The owner of diatrends is Diabetech, LP and it makes no warranties either express or implied. The information available in diatrends is not to be utilized for managing a person's diabetes. Participation merely provides data scientists the ability to understand potential uses of diabetes data.


If you agree to these terms then welcome. If you have questions you may direct them to

Thank you.

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