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Automated Diabetes Management Systems

Practical Diabetology; Volume 30, Number 3, pages 6-10; Fall 2011


Current strategies for communicating blood glucose data are time-consuming for patients and health-care providers. The authors describe the use of an automated diabetes management system to improve communication and patient outcomes. They provide instructive case studies.

Power and Pitfalls of Social Media in Diabetes Care

Diabetes Spectrum, American Diabetes Association; November 2013 vol. 26 no. 4 232-235


This article addresses modern patients’ insatiable need for information as they make daily choices in managing diabetes. It introduces the resources available to diabetes patients and caregivers against the backdrop of the limitations medical practices face in meeting patients’ information and sup- port needs. Social media are described, along with ways in which health care providers might leverage digital technology to better support their patients. The author describes trends and studies that suggest how social media might be used in the future not only to meet patients’ needs, but also to streamline clinical workflow.

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