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The GlucoMON is the unit that my granddaughter uses to test her blood glucose at school each day. (It works in conjunction with the One Touch Ultra glucose meter.) The GlucoMON is programmed to send the results to her mother's phone and /or computer. This past week, her glucose meter read "hi"...and the GlucoMON alerted her mother! (Her insulin pump had disconnected.)


Barbara Altman




The GlucoMON gave our family a needed sense of security. We were able to leave our child in someone else's care and still be notified of blood glucose readings anywhere and anytime.


Kim Schmid - mother of a child w type 1 diabetes




There are not enough positive words in the English language to describe the gratitude I feel toward Kevin McMahon and his company Diabetech for inventing the product GlucoMON. While it may seem melodramatic to say this, I am sincere and entirely truthful in crediting GlucoMON with literally saving my son's life three years ago.My son was attending a private school in Fort Wayne, Indiana that believed (and still does believe) that insulin-dependent diabetes is not a disability that requires accommodations by the school. Needless to say, my son's life was put at risk every day that he attended that school. Moreover, like the school, he developed the habit of not informing me about his glucose levels and several trips to the hospital were necessary to deal with ketoacidosis incidents. One day he never made it to school and the school never informed me of his absence. When I returned home from work he was unresponsive, dehydrated, and near death. The hospital determined that his blood-glucose level was over 1100. His endocrinologist reported that his was among the worst ketoacidosis episodes she had witnessed in her career. His survival was truly a miracle.Needless to say, his school was changed, but that did not solve the problem of lack of communication about his diabetes care. I desperately searched for help. I read about GlucoMON online and immediately ordered a unit. When it arrived and our family began using the product, I quickly realized it was an answer to my prayers. GlucoMON allowed me to know instantly when my son tested his blood glucose and he and the school nurse were quickly reachable by cell phone if diabetes treatment was warranted.

GlucoMON is non-invasive and serves as a family intermediary that reduces stress and conflict over erratic glucose reporting by teens. GlucoMON provides the data needed by doctors to make necessary adjustments in diabetes treatment. While GlucoMON does not cure diabetes, it does cure the frequent breakdown in communication between parents, teens and schools. This communication is essential to ensuring proper and timely diabetes treatment, which in turn reduces the risk of long-term complications from the disease.


No family grappling with diabetes should be without a GlucoMON. The product literally saves lives and family relationships.



Ann Reyes Robbins




Your device (GlucoMON) is fabulous!!! I miss it everyday.While we had access to the online data sheets we experienced: fewer crisis phone calls, fewer episodes of extended hyperglycemia and better family relationships.The most important impact this device had for us was our ability to discuss (t1 teen) glucose readings when she was not low or high. We were able to reason with her when she was not in a crisis situation thus opening a non-confrontational dialog for the first time since she has become diabetic. (t1 teen) will not write down her blood sugar readings. She resents it when we question her about her blood glucose readings and becomes defiant.


This device was a godsend for our family.


Jody Rentfro





As a single mom, it has been a struggle to deal with (t1 teen) health issues. Along with type 1 diabetes, she has asthma and arthritis. I cannot tell you enough what a wonderful invention Diabetech's technology is, and what a difference it made to our lives. (t1 teen) is fifteen years old, and wants desperately to be independent. Diabetech's technology makes it possible for her to live that way. She is able to take care of her diabetes by herself, and I am not worried when I am away from her at work, day after day after day. (t1 teen) is homebound because of the arthritis, and Diabetech gives me the confidence to get through my day knowing that she is well taken care of. Please feel free to use our story, if this may help you in any way.Thank you so much!


Irene Mitchell




The GlucoMON has been a tremendous benefit in several ways, but I will mention the most important ones. The main benefit is the independence it has given my 10-year-old daughter. She used to call me every school day with her noon BG, which usually caused her to be late for lunch, have less time to eat and play with friends, and feeling angry that she was required to "be different" because of her disease. Now she tests, puts the meter in the GlucoMON, and is off with her friends instead of hanging around the nurse's office making a phone call to me.It also was a huge stress reliever for me when she spent time with her grandparents in San Diego. I knew exactly what her BG's were, and I could call and have her make adjustments to her pump, eating, etc. I would not have gotten this information without this device, and her control would not have been as good that week. I was much more at ease with sending a child with diabetes to another state knowing I could let her have fun, but also keep her healthy at the same time as I could make adjustments immediately.As a parent, I urge funding for any technology that enables my child to remain as healthy as possible, while still able to lead a normal life. This is exactly what the GlucoMON provides, as stated in my examples above. I have shown every endocrinologist, CDE, nurse, parent, I know the text messages on my phone, and they are very impressed with the technology.


Caryl Altman





I am writing to express my gratitude for having had experience with "Intensive Management" applied to my daughter's diabetes. (t1 teen) is now 16 years and has had diabetes since she was 4 years old, 12 years.The information that she acquired confirmed for her that her pediatric endocrinologist's request that she maintain a higher rate of vigilance concerning her diabetes. Requiring (t1 teen) to test 7-9+ times daily, along with the automatic tracking of blood sugar numbers 7-9+ times daily gives a much clearer indication of what is happening in (t1 teen)' body. The GlucoDYNAMIX information indicating the time of day when blood sugars are above target or below target allow an adjustment in either insulin input or food intake. By testing more frequently trends in blood glucose levels can be noted and measures taken to adjust the levels of blood glucose before it reaches a critical stage and requires hospitalization.In the year 2000 (t1 teen) was beginning middle school and taking on more of her diabetic self-care. She decided, since she was in a new school where no one knew that she had diabetes, she simply would no longer be diabetic. The reduction in intensive management, dropping from 7-9+ blood glucose test each day to 3 or less, put her in the hospital twice that year. In 2001 we returned to intensive management and the improvement in (t1 teen)'s heath was immediately noticeable.

It is important to be sure that you are aware that "intensive management" of diabetes is not an easily accomplished feat. It requires commitment of both the individual with diabetes and their family. The benefits to (t1 teen)'s health have broad reaching effects. More days attending school, a more "normal" life due to fewer doctor visits and hospitalizations, an increase of self esteem due to the ability to maintain friendships with peers and an ability to make healthy choices both at home and in peer situations.


Jacqueline Dacus Duggan, mother of (t1 teen)





I am attaching a letter to let you know how important we believe the benefit was from our clinical trial experience with the GlucoMON. I'm sure that it prevented expensive hospitalizations (which may have occurred due to seizure and low blood sugar), and of course, the lowered A1C because of the ability to remind my son to test before and after meals when he was "busy" has likely resulted in the prevention of future complications. Let me know as soon as possible of any possibilities of getting another device!!!


Sonia Cooper

President, Children With Diabetes Foundation




Our son (t1 youth) has lived with type I diabetes for five and a half years now. (t1 youth) lives in two households with little to no communication between his biological parents. The GlucoMON device has made it possible to learn of (t1 youth)'s blood sugars the moment they are taken at school. Our cell phones are text messaged and we can respond accordingly. It gives us peace of mind knowing his blood sugars promptly. Thank you for sharing this product with our family. We are grateful for the continuing efforts in advancements for diabetics.


Rebecca and Edwin Hawn




My name is Dana Sheppard and I am a single mother of a child with diabetes. My daughter was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at the age of 3, she is now 10 years old. The GlucoMON has changed our lives so much. It has allowed (t1 youth) the freedom to check her blood sugars in id at recess and lunch and she no longer has to go to the office to call Mom everyday. It has also given me the security that I need, knowing that I have an instant message as soon as she checks her blood. This technology has allowed us to stay in touch with each other and stay on top of her blood sugar readings, no matter where my work may take me that day. This in turn helps us and the insurance company – this is preventive technology!Sincerely,


Dana Sheppard





As a mom of a teenage girl with D, who worries and thinks about diabetes all day, I LOVED IT! She also used it at a slumber party and it was great! Also, I would love her to be able to notify what she did with her blood sugar a tab, bolused, etc…


Pat Swaithes





I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how much we feel we have benefited from the use of the GlucoMON device from Diabetech. We generally keep it at our son's school in the nurses' office. They always test him 3 times during the normal school day, and more if he is symptomatic and/or if he tests high or low during one of the 3-scheduled test times. The last several days have been fairly typical for us with about 5 or 6 tests during a school day. It is such a comfort, not to mention, more efficient for the nurse and for me, to receive text message notification of his test results on my cell phone.Due to our son's age (6 years old; in Kindergarten), his recent diagnosis (approx 9 months ago) and the volatility associated with that, and his use of an insulin pump to achieve tighter A1C control, we need to test much more frequently than others might.Perhaps just as beneficial as the immediate and documented blood glucose test results sent to my cell phone, are the charted reports emailed summarizing the last 21 days worth of results. The color-coding used to differentiate between high and low and normal readings make spotting trends that indicate a need for an adjustment in insulin dosage so much easier. This is so helpful, I periodically swap the meter that I use at home with the one we use at school to capture the data from our home meter. I would have never known before our son was diagnosed last March that insulin dosages needed to be adjusted so frequently for people, particularly children, with Type 1 Diabetes.


Despite the challenges that remain for people with type 1 diabetes and their loved ones, it is heartening to know that there are people and products dedicated to their care. Thank you for caring! If needed, I am available to discuss our use of the Glucomon and how it has helped us at any time.



Cathy Forbes





Diabetech's technology has made a significant difference in our lives in many ways. For one, our relationship with (t1 teen) has been better. We are not asking him constantly what his blood sugar is, it is being sent to us via the glucomon. We are finding that instead of nagging him about his blood sugars we have a more open conversation and we ask him if there is anything we can do to help him. The biggest thing that Diabetech's technology has done for us is helped us to stop worrying as much. When (t1 teen) is at school we are aware all day long of what his blood sugars are. If a low blood sugar comes across then I call the nurse and, thank God, on all the occasions that he has had a low blood sugar he was already in the nurse's office and we have not had a real emergency.


When (t1 teen) is out with his friends or at work we always know what is going on. (t1 teen) also feels safer because he knows that he is being monitored and also he has his independence to keep track of his blood sugars himself. He feels much more freedom now that he has the glucomon. (t1 teen)'s diabetes team LOVES it because (t1 teen) never use to write down his blood sugars and now all he does is print the sheets out and take it to the doctor and they can better monitor his progress. They can see exactly when his trouble times are and adjust his pump accordingly. (t1 teen)'s doctor is truly impressed. The biggest problem they have with teens is getting them to write their blood sugars down and (t1 teen) comes to every appointment well prepared with his sheets, it is awesome.(t1 teen) recently got his driver's permit and I was so surprised that there are not any special guidelines for people with diabetes before they can get their permit or license. We told (t1 teen) that he is never to start up a car until after he checks his blood sugar. We told him that he is never to drive if his blood sugar is less than 80.


When he does get his license the Diabetech technology will be an absolute savior for many drivers. We will be able to track his blood sugars and make sure he never drives below 80. We feel that if he treats anything below 80 then that will lessen the chances of it going too low while driving. His uncle, who is a diabetic, was recently in a serious accident and was almost killed because he went into shock while driving. As a result his license was suspended and he is being treated for injuries that could have been avoided. We feel that if (t1 teen) always checks before he drives then that can alleviate a horrible accident. We will know if he is testing before he drives because we will get it on the glucomon, so it will alleviate us nagging him.


Diabetech's technology is unbelievable and we feel extremely fortunate to have met Kevin and to be part of this exciting study.


Brian and Mary Ann Walsh





The GlucoMON is an excellent addition to diabetic technology in that it allows parents and doctors to receive daily updates of glucose levels. It also allows parents to receive nearly instantaneous counts via cell phones. Not only does this eliminate the need for emergency phone calls between parents and teachers, but also allows the doctor to recognize patterns easily and help apply stricter control.


Blake Nichols

College Undergrad w type 1 – now a pediatric endocrinologist




It has been incredible to be able to relax. It eliminates Diabetes conversations when his numbers are in an acceptable range. I think this is wonderful for younger children starting at age 4 or 5 when they can test on their own whether they are in school, at camp or at a friend's house. It enables the parent to respond and treat a low or high blood sugar quickly and efficiently. It gives parents peace of mind.All the best,


Bonnie Bergstein, Mother of teen with type 1

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